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Leap Development is Iridium partner and the only partner with the ‘Value Added Developer’ (VAD) and ‘Value Added Manufacturer’ (VAM) in the Netherlands. With this status Leap Development is the only company in the Netherlands who may develop and produce equipment with Iridium satellite components.  Leap Development develops and produces Iridium Equipment, from which GTT Systems is one of our customers.

iridium satellitesWe use several Iridium modems in our applications for different communication channels, like voice/data (9523 modem) and/or short burst data (SBD – 9602 and 9603 modems).

Iridium 9602 modem

Iridium hand met 9602 cutThe 9602 modem is used for short burst data (SBD) and is ideal for M2M solutions and tracking and tracking of objects. A GPS antenna signal can be routed through the modem in situations when one antenna cable is going to be used or even one antenna for Iridium and GPS signals. No SIMcard is needed for this modem.

Iridium 9603 modem

iridium 9603 modem leapThe 9603 modem is the smaller modem used for short burst data. It size is smaller than he 9602 modem, but has no GPS pass through possibility. The temperature specs are different, so that this modem couldn’t be used in areas with extreme temperatures.

Iridium 9523 modem

iridium 9523 modem leap 90The 9523 modem can be used in applications demanding voice or data connection with global coverage. The modem is a bit larger than the Iridium 9602 and 9603 modem, but it supports voice and data calls as well as short burst data.
We use this modem in applications demanding voice or high(er) data transmissions. The true global coverage and the lack of roaming costs gives this modem a better and more cost efficient alternative to GSM in a lot of applications.

Short Burst Data

To send relatively small datapackets (less than 2KB) Short Burst Data (SBD) is suitable. The latency is just only a few seconds. This makes Iridium very suitable for real time tracking and tracing and monitoring equipment. SBD messages can be sent to an email address, IP address or other SBD modem.
One major advantage of using the Iridium network is that you only have to deal with one provider. No roaming to other (incompatible) networks, like GSM networks. No unexpected costs whatsoever.
Short Burst Data solutions and markets:


Iridium Burst

Iridium BurstSM is a new service that makes it possible to transmit data to tens, hundreds, thousands, even millions of enabled devices at a time using the world’s most robust satellite network – with a pricing structure that doesn’t break the bank.
High-powered satellite transmissions penetrate buildings, partial obstructions and weather phenomenon to reach enabled devices.
Transmits highly actionable, customer-specific information in near real-time — often in under 20 seconds. It’s like a pager with true global coverage.
Iridium Burst leap


When large(r) amount of data needs to be sent, a Iridium data call can be used to be more cost efficient.

Leap Development and Iridium

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