Battery operated weather station with geoposition

Cold Facts Arctic Weather and Geo Station




Leap Development and Marc Cornelissen joined forces to develop and produce Arctic Weather and Geo data Stations, called “ColdFacts”. Information like temperature, humidity, air pressure is sent together with position information from the most remote areas worldwide.


totale samenstelling_1The collapsible tripod is constructed from light weight materials like carbon fibre and aluminum to minimize weight.

Once deployed in Arctic regions, the sensors collect temperature, humidity, air-pressure and geo data and send this data using the Iridium Satellite Network (9602 Short Burst Data modem) to the International Meteorological Institute in Washington.


Coldfacts PCB - smallThe system demands are very high. It has to be light weighted, every ounce has to be carried by the (polar) explorers to the deployment area.
The station must be able to send its data with temperatures of minus 40 degrees C on a battery.
Once deployed in the artic regions, it will be left there. It is very important that the station can operate completely autonomously.
The prototypes have been deployed on the Nothpole ice and have withstand the utmost extreme conditions. A better test-case couldn’t be wished for.

The system is designed to run on battery for several years below temperatures of -40 degrees C.


polar-weerstation-iridium-sbd-9602-modem-battery-operatedClick here for a impression of the deployment of the Cold Facts weather station onto the North Pole Ice.
New releases of the station will be upgraded with wind speed- and direction
More information: “Explorers Travel with Iridium to the ‘Last Degree”

Current location of a Cold Facts station:
(Currently all the ice is melted and the weatherstation has sunk into the sea)