Iridium 9602 communication terminal GTTS-3000

Leap Development has developed a Iridium communication terminal, the GTTS-3000, from idea to housing and production for GTTSystems.

Robustness, Reliability, Long Lasting and a Low Cost price were the keywords during the design of the GTTS-3000.

The ‘heart’ of the GTTS-3000

GTTS-3000 smallThe heart of the GTTS-3000 consists of a powerful microcontroller with a Iridum 9602 modem for short burst data (SBD). For determining its GNSS position a combination of GPS and Glonass satellites are used. Several in- and outputs makes the GTTS-3000 more universal and accessible for multiple markets.

Optional battery backup / GSM / GPRS board

backup 2 smallOptional, the GTTS-3000 can be supplied with a battery backup / GSM / GPRS board. It is mounted in the same housing as the ‘main’ print for an optimal GSM/GPRS reception. This hybrid solution can be very useful in data demanding applications and with the backup battery the system will continue to operate when external power is lost.


tube-mounting-on-2inch-tube-kleinThe GTTS-3000 was especially designed for the maritime market, like seagoing vessels, but also for the smaller coasters. But it has proven to be very useful in other markets like railway equipment, trucks and stationary objects like windturbines etc.

Typical applications:

  • Support for Electronic Charts (ECDIS)
  • Tracking & Tracing of all kinds of Vessels, Dreadgers and Marine Equipment
  • Shore Support M2M applications
  • General M2M Monitoring and Control

GTTS-3000 toepassing


GTTS-3000 assembly smallThe GTTS-3000 will report its GNSS location with additional speed, altitude, heading etc. information in configurable time intervals through the Iridium Satellite Network to your own pc/server or to a dedicated geo-server. When a gsm and battery board is installed, GPRS can be chosen as default communication channel with the Iridium channel as backup of vice versa.
With mapping software the position and/or trace can be visualized.
A secondary time interval can be configured to be used when the GTTS-3000 is running from backup battery (optional).
To reduce data-costs a geofence can be configured into the GTTS-3000.
In addition to position information, the value of the analog input and/or digital input can be send to the server. The digital input can be configured as an panic/alarm input.
Through a NMEA style protocol (via the RS485 interface) up to 8 additional analog values can be send to the server. The GNSS information from the GTTS-3000 can also be requested through this RS485 port to be used in on board apllications.
Data from the GTTS-3000 is sent via the Iridium satellites and the internet to the server or back-end application.

Iridium overview GTTS-3000 2k

It is also possible to send data from the GTTS-3000 to another GTTS-3000 directly via the Iridium satellite network.




Mounting is made easy by its clever design.

Iridium 9602 modem tracker global coverage GTTS 3000 assemblage PNGRail (tube) mounting.

Magnet mounting.

Iridium 9602 modem tracker global coverage GTTS 3000 assemblage PNG

Download the product brochure here in pdf format
GTTS-3000 can be found here on the Iridium website.