Track and Trace

Leap Development develops track-and-trace-solutions where, for example, true global coverage is desired or demanded. For this true global coverage we use the Iridium Satellite Network.


Due to our unique partnership with Iridium, ‘Value Added Developer’ and ‘Value Added Manufacturer’, we are the only company in the Netherlands that is allowed to develop Iridium applications.

Leap Development Track and Trace (video)

screenshot leap development track trace video iridium 1Only 10% of the earth surface has GSM coverage. In the wide wilderness of Australia, in remote areas like Kazakhstan, at the North or South pole and at the endless seas or oceans is it very difficult to setup a voice or data connection with another part of the world. How do you determine where your container is in Kazakhstan, what the measurements are of your weather-station on a floating ice shelf at the north-pole, or how to determine a man over board situation at the middle of the Pacific ?  We offer the solution. (see also Track and Trace video)

Our relationship with Leap Development is fundamental. (GAP)

The possibilities of track-and-trace solutions are endless and with our knowledge we are happy to provide you the solution for your application and make it ready for production. Even in the most extreme conditions on our planet.

We are looking forward to discuss your ideas or application and are willing to come with an idea of how to make it possible for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us.

A few of our Track and Trace projects:


Puma-S, Helicopter and Small aircraft tracker

Iridium 9523 modem helicopter small aircraft global world coverage tracking tracingIridium 9523 modem Leap Development helicopter and small aircraft tracker with voice data and SBD front view english


Coldfacts, Batterypowered weatherstation with positition tracking

iridium 9602 modem weather station and locating for extreme condictions and global coverage electronics PCBpolar-weerstation-iridium-sbd-9602-modem-battery-operated


GTTS-2000Bi, Batterypowered Iridium track and trace system

Mapserver screenshot software development for tracking tracing of iridium 9523 and 9602 devices


GTTS-3000, Iridium 9602 communication terminal with position tracking

Iridium overview GTTS-3000 2kIridium 9602 modem tracker global coverage GTTS 3000 assemblage PNG