Europe finds Leap Development innovative

Of the hundreds of requests, only a few get the coveted European Horizon 20-20 subsidy. We, Leap Development, are proud to be innovative, groundbreaking and revolutionary according to ‘Europe’. We coordinated the application in cooperation with a consortium with three other companies.

With this subsidy will cover 70% of the € 400.000,- R&D project with respect to development and production of the electronics for building 250pcs of Cargo-Boxes.
cargoboxThe project involves tracking-and-tracing and control of the lock mechanism of cargo-boxes for airplane cargo. The containers will be, just like sea-containers, standardized. Man wants to know the exact location of each box and know exactly when and where it was locked and/or unlocked. A unique feature of the device is the flight safety mode. It goes into a complete radio silence mode when going on board an airplane, using a unique airplane detecting system. It ‘knows’ when it enters an airplane and ‘knows’ exactly which movements the cargo makes.